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Heart health in pets

Just like humans, a pet’s heart can also develop diseases and cause many health problems. Unfortunately, any diseases or problems with the old ticker, seem to come to light when your pet is already in heart failure as the physical symptoms become obvious.  We can look out for our furry child through keeping an eye …

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The importance of routine blood tests for your pets

Each year at your pet’s annual check-up, your vet may recommend getting a blood test. Ultimately you have the final decision if you would like the test completed and that choice should be respected. However, it is best to understand the reasons behind the blood test and the information it provides especially during a procedure. Recommending a …

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The importance of oral health in pets

Your pets oral health is a key element in their overall health and wellbeing, and can impact far more than their teeth and gums. From dental disease to serious liver and kidney infections, there are many reasons oral health is important in your pets. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to your pet’s …

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