Dental Month March

During the month of March, each of the Ourvets clinics will be providing free dental checks to create awareness around the prevalence of dental disease in pets. You will have the opportunity to discuss with our team of qualified nurses ways in which we can prevent dental disease.

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Did you know that more than 70% of pets over three years of age have dental disease?

The treatment for dental disease depends on the severity. Some pets may require dental treatment but prevention is always better than cure which is why we recommend the Hills t/d diet. T/d is a fully balanced diet for your pet, clinically proven to reduce plaque, stain, & tartar buildup. We are offering 30% off the t/d diet (following a free dental check) and 50% off the t/d diet (following a free dental check) for our Best For Pet members. To learn more about the Best For Pet membership and how it could benefit your pet – give one of our clinics a call and speak with our friendly nurses.

If you would like to take advantage of Dental Month during March, please phone any of our clinics to book in for a free consultation and receive 30% off the T/d Dental diet.