Dr Thea’s Diary – My furkids

For my second and belated blog entry, I start with an apology.
In failing to introduce my fur kids, I haven’t really introduced myself, so in no particular order, here they are!

GGloucester – top dog, the oldest, the wisest, arguably the most handsome. I found him one rainy Autumn night, curled up in a cardboard box on Gloucester St. An undeniable act of neglect and abandonment, but one that I am so grateful to have happened across. All white and black spots, I thought this pup may have been the GSP I had always wanted! Or at least partly? But an easy DNA test later, and his true composition was revealed – cocker spaniel, springer spaniel, collie and ridgeback. Might I point out how cool this test would be as a present to a pet mad owner of a cross breed dog! I actually gave one to my sister for her engagement present.

Cyril is the family rat bag! Jack Russell terrier through and through, he never fails to entertain. SyrilHe can roll over, twist, and high five so fast you hardly see it. He began life as a country boy, chasing rabbits and rolling in dirty things to his hearts content. He has adjusted to the confines of city life fairly well, with only the odd hole dug in the back yard. However, the recent Guy Fawkes week revealed a severe fear of fireworks. Anyone who has experienced this , or other types of anxieties in their dog will know how distressing it can be for both dog and owner. On the third night of fireworks I tried a Calm Coat on the little guy and was blown away by the effectiveness. He lay around on his back as if sunbathing the whole night! Here in this photo he is sporting it so well!

MisoMiso is newest addition. Another rescue pet, this time handed in by a caring client who found her cold and exposed on a demolition site. Hypothermic, trembling and covered in oil, the fist-sized little kitten was lucky to be alive.
I took her home that night, just to nurse her of course, but that was it, she was mine! Raised by two dogs, she thinks she is one herself. Rough and tumbling with Cyril , intercepting the tennis ball , and coming down the footpath after me as I head out on the morning dog run!

So there’s the clan.
Next edition will be another interesting case at the clinic.