Export vets

travelling dogs(copy)Do you need to move to another country with your beloved pet?

Here at Ourvets, we offer export veterinarian services.

We have two registered export vets: Geoff Mehrtens and Thea Taylor.

It is required by law for a veterinarian to be accredited by MPI to be able to perform pre-export checks for international travel.

It is very important to contact us well in advance of your travel as some countries require special vaccinations and blood testing to ensure they have worked before your pet is allowed to travel. This may take several months for some countries!

You can book in your pet with one of of our registered export vets, the appointment will take at least half an hour to complete all the relevant health checks, physical examination, vaccinations, flea treatment,  worming and microchip scan.

All the best and safe travels.

Please ask one of our staff for pricing, as this varies from cat to dog and between different countries.