Vaccination Focus Month October

During the month of October, each of the Ourvets clinics will be focusing on educating pet owners about the importance of vaccinations, to increase awareness around the prevention of various diseases in pets. You will have the opportunity to discuss with our team of qualified veterinarians and nurses the way in which vaccinations protect our pets.

Symptoms of the diseases that we vaccinate against vary but can be severe and many life threatening. This is why we recommend prevention, rather than cure. Vaccination remains the single most effective method for protecting your pet against infectious diseases.

Is your pet up to date?

Remember, if your pet is a ‘Best for Pet’ member – their vaccinations will be at no charge throughout the membership. Click here if you want to know more about the ‘Best for Pet‘ membership or give one of our clinics a call and speak with our friendly nurses.


Ensure your pet is covered for flea and worm prevention and receive 25% off cat or dog Revolution 3 and 6 packs during October!


For terms and conditions on this months focus, click here.




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