Author: Sarah Clements

Be aware of lilies

Lilies are extremely toxic and can even be fatal to cats. Cats can be affected by all plants and flowers from the Liliaceae family and they are commonly found in floral arrangements and gardens.  Even by just getting a small amount of pollen on their fur, this can cause the kidneys major damage and send cats into acute renal failure within hours …

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Introducing Our Receptionist Lauren at Ourvets Halswell

Lauren recently joined the team at Ourvets Halswell as a receptionist and has just become qualified with a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing.   There are many aspects of her job that she loves and always reminds her of why she chose this career path. The animals and their adoring owners she meets, the hospitalised patients she cares for and the surgeries she assists with, as well as the education she provides towards good pet ownership are just a few of the reasons …

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Meet Mask

Check out this handsome young dude – Mask. He came in for his routine vaccinations and went away with a FitBit for his humans! We’re sure he will enjoy getting out and about and really putting it to the test. Congratulations to the Kennett family for being great owners and keeping their doggy happy and healthy!   Is …

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