Be aware of lilies

Lilies are extremely toxic and can even be fatal to cats. Cats can be affected by all plants and flowers from the Liliaceae family and they are commonly found in floral arrangements and gardens.  Even by just getting a small amount of pollen on their fur, this can cause the kidneys major damage and send cats into acute renal failure within hours of contact with the plant. 

The most common ways for this to happen are: 

  • The pollen gets onto the cat’s fur, the cat may then lick the pollen off and ingest it 
  • Some cats may bite or chew the plant 

All parts of the plant are toxic, including the leaves, flowers and stamens. If you have lilies in your garden or in your home – ensure they are kept well away from your cat. Signs of lily poisoning may be seen within 2 hours of contact and may include: depression, vomiting and loss of appetite. Even if these symptoms aren’t seen at all or symptoms appear to improve, prompt veterinary attention is essential as kidney damage is still likely to occur. If you suspect your cat has been in contact with any part of the plant, contact your vet immediately.