Dr Thea’s Diary

This is the first edition of my blog, which is a monthly peek beyond the consult room at Ourvets.

Chopper deserves the honour of being our first pet profile.
This gorgeous little 6 month old kitten had his dad worried stiff last week when he went missing for several days, before turning up cold and wet and with a particularly sore eye. Chopper had a bulge on the surface of his eye which on closer inspection turned out to be his iris that had prolapsed through the transparent cornea to the outside. This was most likely an injury sustained in a cat fight, but fortunately not something we see very often.

ChopperChopper settled down quickly with pain relief on board, while we readied ourselves for some delicate surgery.
I replaced the prolapsed iris and sewed the cornea back together.

While an important part of Chopper’s Chopper sxtreatment, the surgery was really only the beginning. Eyes are fragile organs requiring careful medicating and monitoring after such a traumatic insult.  Four weeks on, he is looking awfully cute and healthy again, so well done to Chopper’s dedicated owner for his hard work.
All fingers and paws crossed that the little guy continues to do well.

This brings me to the subject of cat fights
It seems they are happening more frequently than ever before! I can only guess that a higher number of stray cats post-quake has played a part, but essentially if your cat goes outside, then they are at risk of getting caught up in a fight.
The most common problems caused by cat fights are;

  • Abcessation at the bite site – often requiring an anaesthetic to drain and treat.
  • Other trauma (like Chopper’s damaged eye)
  • Contracting FIV – a life long immune suppressing virus from the same family as HIV
  • Causing your cat anxiety

You can reduce your cat’s risk of this by keeping them inside at night because most fights happen around dawn and dusk. You can also vaccinate your cat against FIV, just ask one of our vets or nurses for more information.

Righto, first blog done. Chat soon!