What do I need to know before my pet comes in for surgery?

  • CaRL dental_250x250ts and dogs: Please take away all food after 9pm the night before surgery. Water does not need to be restricted.

  • Rabbits and other small pets don’t need to be starved before an anesthetic. A vet or nurse will discuss their specific requirements with you. If you are bringing in a rabbit or other small pet we ask that you bring in a small amount of their normal food.

  • Please bring your pet to the clinic between 7.30am and 8.30am on the day of the surgery.

  • If your pet is on medication your vet will discuss with you whether or not this needs to be stopped.

  • A vet or nurse will call you with an update once your pet is up and about and will let you know when you can pick him/her up.

  • Written discharge instructions are provided. A vet or nurse will go through everything with you when you pick up your pet.

Any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us!