Introducing Our Receptionist Lauren at Ourvets Halswell

Lauren recently joined the team at Ourvets Halswell as a receptionist and has just become qualified with a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing.  

There are many aspects of her job that she loves and always reminds her of why she chose this career path. The animals and their adoring owners she meets, the hospitalised patients she cares for and the surgeries she assists with, as well as the education she provides towards good pet ownership are just a few of the reasons why she loves coming to work.  

Earlier this year, she volunteered in a vet clinic Rarotonga and was able to learn valuable skills and meet some wonderful animals and people, a few included in the photos below. Bucky, pictured below, was one of her interesting cases that she worked on. He had a hind leg amputated after he had badly chewed open a wound on his leg. His case required much improvising due to the lack of supplies they had – as seen with the use of a bucket as an Elizabethan collar. Bucky recovered well and was a happy and healthy 3-legged-dog from then on. Working with the limited supplies they had in a clinic that relies solely on donations, was an enlightening experience and gave her the chance to give something back to the community.  

Veterinary nursing has given Lauren the chance to really make a difference and mark her place in the world. She can’t wait to see what her exciting career brings next!