January Bravecto Winners

Summer is a trying time for our patients when it comes to the dreaded flea! Our loyal clients are coming to the clinic in the masses expressing their frustrations with the sudden flea problem in their homes. At Ourvets, we really wanted to create something that would please both our clients and their beloved (alas, scratching) pet. We created hampers full of (human only) goodies that clients would go into the draw to win every time they purchased a Bravecto product in the month of January. The team took advantage of the opportunity to talk about Bravecto and its benefits (only treating every 3 -6 months, bonus!). We have many new and loyal Bravecto clients including these three very happy pooches named Sora, Richie and Bella – looking very proud here having won their pet-parents a hamper each! Don’t they look gorgeous?!



Bravecto is our No.1 choice for the treatment of fleas for both cats and dogs and can last 3-6 months! This means ease for you and no more horrible nibbling fleas for your pet. Drop into the clinic or give us a call at any of our locations if you want to learn more.