Keeping your pet safe at Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful, exciting time of year. The decorations, presents and yummy food are part of the excitement of this special (and often very busy) time. However, Christmas can bring all sorts of hazards to our pets and nobody wants to spend their Christmas at the Vets, worrying about their sick pet.

Dogs can develop pancreatitis from eating fatty foods, so avoid the temptation to overfeed your pet at Christmas – hugs and cuddles are much healthier!

Dogs sometimes eat things which, although they may seem yummy, can be very toxic. They should never be fed chocolate, raisins, grapes or small bones, such as turkey or chicken. These things can be hazardous to your dog’s health and you should contact the clinic immediately if you suspect your pet may have eaten one of these things.

Christmas lillies smell gorgeous but take care to keep them away from pets. All parts of the plant are toxic if eaten and even a tiny amount can lead to kidney failure.

If you suspect your pet has ingested any of the above substances, please visit your nearest vet.

Have a very happy and safe Christmas with your four legged family.

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