Marie Christensen – Veterinary Nurse

Marie started working at Ourvets in 1998 after graduation from Otago Polytechnic with a National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing. She has worked at both clinics over the years but is now based at our Parklands branch. 

With two young children, a husband, and two cats keeping her busy at home, Marie really enjoys her time in the clinic caring for your pets and has recently increased her hours as her son has started school.

Diana McGregor – Customer Services Manager

Diana has been employed by Ourvets since September 2016 and works full time at our St Albans branch. Diana has worked in the animal industry for around five years now but also holds a Bachelor of Design, majoring in advertising.
Diana has recently adopted an adult cat from the SPCA named Violet the Pirate. The pirate part comes from her only having one eye – not that she lets it get in her way. Diana also has an affinity for corgis and senior dogs and one of these is definitely next on her adoption list.
At work, Diana’s passion is to ensure that clients have the most streamlined and stress free visit to our clinic. She enjoys when clients leave thinking that it was much easier then they first anticipated due to our caring and compassionate team.
Family is definitely the most important thing to Diana and she loves as much free time with them as possible. She also takes pleasure in experimenting in the kitchen and working on projects around her new house.

Nicole Brunt – Veterinary Nurse

Nicole has been a part of the team since early 2015 when she snapped up a job at the end of her studies. She works as one of our main surgical nurses at the St Albans branch and also works part time at our Parklands branch.
As well as nurse, Nicole is a mum to three beautiful children who take up most of her spare time. Not to mention her three pets that take up whatever is left.
Nicole has two dogs, Niko – a Siberian Husky x Lab and Millie – a Maltese x Shih Tzu and a cat called Meeka.
At work, Nicole relishes being in a busy environment where she can be challenged daily. She also enjoys monitoring surgeries and caring for patients throughout their entire stay.
As can be imagined, having three children doesn’t leave Nicole with a lot of free time but she loves spending time with her family and enjoys getting outdoors with them whenever she can.

Joanne Churchill – Veterinary Nurse

 Jo has been a member of the Ourvets crew since October 2016. She started out as placement for her Diploma and has since been employed as a permanent Saturday team member at our St Albans branch. Jo will graduate with her Diploma in Veterinary Nursing at the end of 2017
Originally from the UK, Jo moved here with her husband in 2012 for work and hasn’t looked back. Jo is also a qualified beauty therapist and has been for the past 13 years.
Jo has one dog named Izy – a Mastiff x Boxer whom she rescued as a pup. Izy is now 4 years old but is still full of beans. Jo also houses four chickens.
Within the field, Jo’s main interests lie in diagnostics, anatomy, and ensuring all our patients have the most comfortable and stress free stay they possibly can.
In her down time, Jo enjoys snowboarding, CrossFit, and knitting. She also regularly volunteers at Dog Watch.

Kellie Cassidy – Veterinary Nurse

Kellie has been a veterinary nurse for a number of years and has worked with us for around 4 of those so far. She is the main surgical nurse at our St Albans branch where she works part time.
Kellie is the mother of two beautiful young girls which keep her super busy. She also has a chocolate point Persian named Maddy and a tabby called Tiger.
Her special interest within the veterinary field would definitely have to be surgery and also being involved with the interesting cases we get into the clinic.
Outside of work, Kellie enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, fishing, flying, and playing at the park. Kellie is currently enjoying maternity leave.

Sandra Russ – Veterinary Nurse

Sandra has worked at Ourvets since February 2016 and brings with her the knowledge and experience only a veterinary nurse of 10 years could. Although, it has been a long time, Sandra still enjoys nursing and the daily challenges it brings. You will find mainly find her at our Parklands branch where she works full time.
Sandra has a variety of pets which includes four border collies, two cats, one kune kune pig and some canaries. She loves them for all their different personalities and quirks and always has room for more in her unique family.
Monitoring patients and assisting veterinarians during complicated surgeries is one of Sandra’s special interests in the field. She can also never get enough of our youngest patients (she’s a sucker for puppy dog eyes).
In her free time, Sandra is a keen cook and baker. She also adores travelling, arts and crafts, and entertaining family and friends. Oh and let’s not forgot spending time with her husband and fur children.

Ella Dixon – Veterinary Nurse and Cattery Assistant

Ella became employed with Ourvets in September 2017 after doing so much placement at our Ilam branch that she became part of the furniture! She graduated from Ara Institute of Canterbury with her Diploma in 2017 and works mainly in our catteries.
Ella has always loved animals so being able to work with them daily makes all the hard work worth it. She enjoys being part of a big team and helps out wherever she is needed. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any animals at the moment but would love a dog or two (and also maybe a goat!).
Within the field, Ella has a keen interest in helping with surgery. Be it monitoring anaesthesia or actually suturing the patient at the end! Of course, she also likes to fit in as many cuddles as possible, especially with all our sweet cattery cats.

Anna Potter – Veterinary Nurse

Anna graduated with the National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing in 2003. With this new qualification she worked in the UK and Australia. She then decided to broaden her experience to a wider variety of animals and in 2010 Anna studied to be a zoo keeper. This landed her in a life changing and honourable role of working with many captive animals including primates, birds, otters and even African Elephants, as well as volunteering in Africa and with native animals in Australia.

Anna joined the Ourvets Parklands team in October 2013 after moving from Hamilton with her husband and is currently enjoying maternity leave. 

Sonia Aubrey – Veterinary Nurse

Sonia has re-joined the Ourvets team. In the past, Sonia has spent six years working on dairy farms around North Canterbury and Golden Bay. Now that she’s settled back in Christchurch, she has accumulated an array of animals including two dogs, two cats, and two chickens.
Within in the veterinary field, Sonia has a particular interest in nutrition which was amplified by her work as a Royal Canin representative. She also thoroughly enjoys working as a hospital nurse and caring for our complex cases.
Outside of work, Sonia enjoys playing senior reserve netball and is also a competitive BMX rider.

Michelle Maat – Veterinary Nurse and Cattery Assistant

Michelle has been a member of the Ourvets team since October 2016 and graduated in 2016 with her National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing. You may recognise Michelle from Cats on Cranford where she started as a cattery assistant. She now also works as a nurse across all Ourvets clinics.
Michelle has a red eared slider turtle named Franklin and 2 bunnies named Milo and Toffee.
Within the veterinary field, Michelle loves being able to give patients a pleasant experience while they’re in our care by utilising low stress handling and showing them lots of love.
In her spare time, Michelle enjoys taking her family dogs Marley and Max for walks through Bottle Lake Forest and teaching dance aerobics.

Aliesha Tait – Veterinary Nurse

Aliesha has recently started back at Ourvets after a two year stint as a nurse in Oamaru. Prior to this, she worked at our Parklands branch for two years.
Aliesha graduated with her Diploma in Veterinary Nursing from Southern Institute of Technology in 2013 and hasn’t looked back, working full time as a nurse ever since.
Even though Aliesha has no pets at the moment, she has confessed that it’s only a matter of time before she falls in love with a stray that finds its way to the clinic. She also absolutely adores sloths and can’t even pick the thing she loves the most about them. A trip to a sloth sanctuary is most definitely on her bucket list.
Within the veterinary field, Aliesha enjoys non sterile surgery such as abscesses and dentistry. She is also fond of looking after hospitalised patients and taking X-Rays.
In her free time, Aliesha likes ice skating, music and watching movies. In particular, she loves Ed Sheeran, Harry Potter, and Marvel films.

Judith Marsh – Receptionist and Veterinary Nurse

Judith has been a part of our team since November 2016 and is one of the main faces you will see at our Parklands branch where she works full time. Judith brings extensive experience as she has worked in the animal industry in a variety of roles for almost two decades.
Judith is the proud owner of (at the moment) seven Rottweilers ranging from 8 weeks – 8 years old. She has been involved in the breeding/showing of these beautiful dogs for over 25 years.
At work, Judith enjoys building rapport with clients and providing them with the best possible experience. She also loves seeing animals return home to their owners well again.
In her free time, Judith enjoys walking which is just as well as there is always a dog ready to be exercised. She also takes pleasure in watching movies and eating out with her friends.