Puppy preschool class – Ourvets St Albans and Ourvets Parklands


Why should you enrol?

  • You can actually increase the capacitPuppy-200x200y for your puppy to learn in the future by teaching them now!
  • By the time your puppy is age 7 weeks, he/she is absorbing information about sights, sounds and experiences that they will use for the rest of their lives.
  • Puppies need to be socialised to people, places and other puppies to fully develop their potential.
  • Research has shown that between 7 and 12 weeks of age behaviours can be easily shaped or modified and it is the fastest learning period in a dog’s life.

What will you and your puppy learn?

  • Basic commands like sit, down, come, stay, walk and off.
  • Making the puppy part of your family
  • Toilet training
  • Stages of development
  • Dog language and communication
  • Being a responsible dog owner
  • Nutrition
  • Care for your dog
  • Methods to train and teach your puppy and much more!

Who runs the classes?

Anne Benson is a graduate of the NZQA National Certificate in Dog Training and Handling Management course and has also completed the Massey University Principles of Canine Behaviour Certificate.  Anne’s own dog is a working trials champion which includes, tracking, obedience and agility.  Anne uses positive reinforcement and operant conditioning methods that will make you and your puppy think training is easy and fun!

Jessica Blackwood a qualified Veterinary nurse who also competes in two dog sports (Rally-O and Obedience) with her two Miniature Schnauzers, runs our 4 week puppy preschool classes – see below for more details.

How do I sign up?

Your puppy should be between 8 to 14 weeks of age and have started its vaccinations.  Classes are taught at Ourvets St Albans on a Monday night and Ourvets Parklands on a Tuesday night – helping the puppy to develop positive associations with the clinic.  That helps future visits to be less stressful and even fun for the dog and the owner!  Classes are held in the evening for 4 weeks.
Contact Anne on 980-0951 to reserve your place or contact us!

For Puppy food, training aids and all the supplies you need for a happy, healthy dog, call in and see us. Please bring your puppy!!!


Puppy preschool class – Ourvets Halswell

Whether this is you first puppy, or you have owned dogs all your life, our class is fun, informative and gives your puppy the best head start in life with training and socialisation.

Puppies can join with having at least one vaccination and in the age of 7-12 weeks. Our classes run on a Monday night from 7:30pm – 8:30pm.

What do we cover in class?

-Toilet training
-Basic commands like sit, down, come and stay. As well as a couple of tricks!
-Crate training
-Biting and chewing
-Positive reinforcement training
-Handling exercises
-Environmental enrichment
-Plus much more!

Give Ourvets Halswell a call on 322 8331 to secure your spot now.