Would you like to win a personliased portrait of your pet?

Hi, my name is Georgia and I am a vet nurse at Ourvets Halswell. I first discovered my passion for animals and animal welfare when I started volunteering at the SPCA Canterbury when I was 16 which I still do on my Saturdays off work to this day. Volunteering at the SPCA made me want to investigate more into the care of animals and eventually lead me to vet nursing which I graduated from in 2015. I also had an interest in painting and art at the time but have only recently taken up a painting class in watercolours. After being a part of the class for a few months, my love of working with animals had crossed over into my casual hobby. When we covered the topic of painting your pets, a topic I was very keen on as I have cats of my own that I adore and soon enough had painted all 3 of them. Shortly after, close family and friends got news of my new found favourite past time and have since been very busy painting pets of various shapes, sizes and colour. 

This month Ourvets Halswell is giving away one of my paintings to a lucky new Best for Pet member. I will do a personalised portrait of your adorable pet! All you have to do is sign up to the Best for Pet wellness program in the month of May to be entered to win!